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The New Face of Military Authoritarianism in Brazil

Brazil’s historical experience with a military coup makes it a unique case, as its transition to democracy did not address its wounds. Jair Bolsonaro represents a risk of returning to that dark past, to the time of police state, surveillance and control, freedom restriction, and intellectual censorship. The young and fragile democracy of the world’s fifth-largest county walks on a tightrope.

Guns Don't Kill People, Settlers Do: The Second Amendment and the Myth of Defense

Firearms are the tools and symbols of a larger counterrevolutionary policing that binds settlers together despite contradictions of class in their mutual support of upholding colonial and racial hierarchies. Through gun ownership of today—what was, earlier, participation in militias—the white settler defends the state that in turn ensures his sovereignty and superiority. 

Who is the United Conservative Party?

While Alberta is widely known as a deeply conservative province, the reality is somewhat messier than that. While it’s true that Albertans regularly elect conservative representatives to office, both on a federal and provincial level, and while many prominent conservative politicians call Alberta home, presupposing that Alberta conservatism is homogenous would be a mistake.

Spring Dreams of Bike Lanes

Early this snowy, windy, and rainy spring in Edmonton, the city began to install its long awaited downtown bike network, along with sections of the bike boulevard along 83rd Avenue in old Strathcona and the bike network improvement and renewal in Queen Alexandra.

Canada 150 Links

While some of us enjoy the privileges of this place, we also have a duty to educate ourselves about living responsibly on Indigenous land—an imperative for both white settlers and settlers of colour. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of some links to read on Canada 150.

Shadow Budgets

Shadow budgets aren’t the norm, and the calls the WRP are facing are exceptional. That said, I don’t believe that the expectation of a shadow budget is misplaced, as the times are exceptional.

Rigged in 1787!

There is no moral arc of the universe and if there was, it most definitely does not bend towards justice—that is a fairy-tale comfort. Whatever arc we are on we must build ourselves and struggle over; we must seize and force it into a just direction. Supporting structures of oppression won’t save us from them. Our struggles are not new, but the imperative is intensifying. Solidarity and struggle might save some of us, some of the time. We cried and mourned but now we fight. On every scale and in every way we are able.